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        (Safety Topic for August 9, 1999)

We wear our work clothes for eight hours or more every day. That's a lot longer than we wear dress clothes, but we seem to pay a lot more attention to those dress clothes. We buy quality clothes and we're careful to have them cleaned and pressed. The fit has to be just right. We invest time and money in keeping them in good condition. Our work clothes are actually much more important to our safety and health than our dress clothes. We depend on good work clothes for protection. Consider the following categories of work clothing and their importance to your comfort and safety:

1 . The suspension system in your hard hat must be sound and well-fitted. The hat must not be altered in any way. Choose one that is ANSI approved. When it's cold outside, use only linings designed for your hat.

2. The shirt you choose should not interfere with your work. It should be short-sleeved or have sleeves which fit closely. Avoid sleeves that are loose or too long, and could get caught in machinery.

3. Use the right kind of glove for the work being done. For example, use rubber gloves for electrical work, heat resistant gloves for handling hot objects, and plastic or synthetic rubber gloves for concrete work. Gloves with holes worn in them defeat the purpose and do not provide the intended protection.

4. Wear pants that are roomy enough to allow ease of movement. Pant legs that are too long will fray and can become a tripping hazard. Make sure your belt is short enough to not get caught.

5. Your feet deserve protection too. Choose footwear that is tough, sturdy, and comfortable - work boots are the best. Tennis shoes, loafers, sneakers, sandals, or any shoes with thin soles should be avoided.

There are some important points to remember about work clothes in general. They should be durable, and resistant to gas and tears. They should fit well. They should be made from fabrics which keep you warm in the winter and as cool possible in the summer. At the same time they should provide sufficient protection from the weather and other work hazards. Your work clothes should be kept in good condition.

We spend a lot of time and money on our dress clothes, but our work clothes deserve serious attention too. Consider your work clothes an investment in your safety. Improper work clothing can be dangerous.

SAFETY REMINDER You may need other "clothes" for your job  -remember safety glasses, respirators,   earplugs, and fall arrest harnesses.

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