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        (Safety Topic for July 19, 1999)

Think about all of the labels and safety signs we have around here. You know the ones I'm talking about - the ones on the equipment, on the electrical panels, in the tool room, on fire doors, etc. Signs have instructions like:

Fire Exit - Do Not Block
Shut Off Motor Before Refueling
Hard Hats Required
No Smoking
Danger - Keep Out!
Wear Eye Protection While Operating This Machine

There are a couple of ways that people react to signs. Some get irritated and rebel against the sign's advice. They don't like to be told what to do, or what not to do. Others know that the signs make sense and that there is a reason for each sign being posted where it is. They take each sign as a friendly warning and are glad that it's there to remind them.

There is a good reason for each sign. A No Smoking sign isn't there just to keep you from having a cigarette- It's there to keep you from starting a fire. A sign that says Do Not Operate Without Guards means exactly what it says. The machine that the sign is on is dangerous unless the guards are in place. If you ignore the warning, or don't take it seriously, you set yourself up for an accident.

How many of you can visualize the pictures on the walls of your living room or tell me what the speed limit is on each and every street on your drive to work? Because they are always there, you're accustomed to those pictures and signs and you don't really see them anymore. Don't ignore the signs around the jobsite that pertain to your safety - read them and heed them!

Signs and labels come in many shapes and colors. You should become familiar with the meanings of these shapes and colors, and the meanings of international symbols. Some signs like the NFPA diamond system are complex. Even barricades and curb paint have meaning. Take the time to learn how to interpret all signs that affect your safety.

SAFETY REMINDER Don't remove or deface signs and labels. The person who comes after you may not be aware of the danger.

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